A Call on Professor Wu拜望吴教授

       We have to have a new English teacher this semester because Professor Wu has retired.Professor Wu is one of the professors whom we admire and love most.We miss him a lot.
       Last Sunday,our class chose five repesentatives to pay our respect to him and I was fortunately on the list.
       Professor Wu has a flat on the third floor of Block Two in the dwelling area of the university.We went there with a bunch of fresh flowers.Professor Wu and Mrs Wu welcomed us warmly.He thanked us for the flowers and we expressed our love and appreciation of him.We recalled the days when he taught us and talked about what we had learned in the English classed this semester.Professor Wu encouraged us to study harder and wished us to help each other in our studies and life.We felt the warmth in his words and tasted the fragrant tea Mrs Wu offered us.We learned that Professor Wu has been writing a book these days.Mrs Wu told us that his books which he had collected or written and his students whom he had taught were what he held the dearest to him in the world.
       We believe what Mrs Wu said is true,for Professor Wu is a true scholar and devoted teacher.

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