My hometown is a beautiful place with a pupulation of eight million.It stands beside the Gulf of Bohai.
     Tianjin has many high office and commercial buildings and wide tree-lined streets.Several excellent world-famous institutions of higher learning are located here,namely Nankai University and Tianjin University.As a most important industrial center for North China,her hundreds of factories and joint ventures with foreign companies manufacture a wide range of top-grade and high-tech products or consumer goods.Many of these products have attained or surpassed world levels.Markets and department stores,big or small,are well-stocked with all kinds of goods,which are high in quality but low in price.
      But in the old days,Tianjin used to be a poor and backward city characteristic of semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism.The few rich persons lived in luxury houses while the majority of the working people lived in old,shabby huts or buildings on narrow and muddy streets.The working class led a very miserable life.
      Today people in Tianjin are going all out to build their city into a beautiful and prosperous place to live in.

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